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Every child deserves the chance to live a healthy, productive life into adulthood.
Over 200 students from St. Louis and Griffin Schools in Tyler, Texas Graduate from the GoFreshGoFit!(TM) program, March 2013!

Over 200 students graduate from our 8-week GoFreshGoFit!(TM) program at a St. Louis and Griffin schools in Tyler, Texas.

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If you've made your New Year's resolutions, losing weight is probably in there somewhere since it's the number one New year's resolution for Americans. According to popular Chef Christian Chavanne, GoFreshGoFit!(TM)  is the answer.

Chavanne and his wife Fredna are creators of the GoFreshGoFit!(TM)  campaign, educating the public and especially children, on the importance of eating fresh foods for health and longer life. Chavanne, a native of the French Riviera, has been a chef for over forty years, specializing in spa food.

He doesn't like to use the word "dieting" because he says eating fresh food without all the extra fats and sugars accomplishes the desired effect in a healthy, tasty way.


It's Time Texas: Eating healthy on a budget
Project HEAT Receives $35,000 Grant!
Donna Timmons, A Circle of Ten, Inc., announced six agencies' grant awards, totaling $186,505, to build their capacity to address previously identified North Tyler Community priorities. Awardees included Christian Men's Job Corps, $35,005; Project H.E.A.T.(Healthy Eating Action Team), $35,000; Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas, $35,000; Sisters in Christ, $30,000; New Integrated Beginnings, $30,000; and Spring Creek Baptist Church, $21,500. These funds were made possible through the US Dept of Health & Human Services "Expanding Capacity Opportunities for Nonprofits" (ECON) grant, bringing $460,000 in competitive subgrants in the North Tyler and Greater Alto Areas. A myriad of training and technical assistance is also available to Community & Faith-based nonprofits geared to increase their capacity to provide improved and/or increased services.

ECON is an initiative of A Circle of Ten, Inc., based in Jacksonville, TX, who will, along with several cooperating entities, provide much of the training and technical assistance. The subgrant funds will be used for additional capacity building such as attainment of 501c3 status, implementation of records systems, equipment, staff/volunteer development, and hiring of consultants offering specialized services.

Each of the awardees will focus on two or more of the previously identified community priorities, determined earlier this year during several priority setting meetings as part of the efforts of the North Tyler Rebuild America Initiative. Project H.E.A.T. (Healthy Eating Action Team) Inc. focuses on health and youth services.

Baseline priorities include community and economic development, with Green Jobs Academy opportunities through education and workforce, plus making homes/buildings energy efficient. Other priorities are set by each community. North Tyler Initiative's top additional priorities include: health services to seniors and families; youth services and opportunities; and business development.

Additional information for Circle of 10 is available at, 903-541-0013 or email
Project HEAT Helps Others Write Grants
In a grant writing workshop Project HEAT's Fredna Chavanne was asked to be on the panel representing Project HEAT because of a sub grant received through Circle of 10 and as an alumni of the grant writing workshop.

A fun, action-packed way to learn about the origin and benefits of fresh foods. Experience fresh food in a fun and different way!
Peel & freeze bananas, blend with frozen berries and a little white grape juice and you'll think you're eating ice cream!
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