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Every child deserves the chance to live a healthy, productive life into adulthood.
It's Nutrition Education That Sticks!
  • It's a fun, action paced way to learn about the importance and benefits of fresh foods.
  • Equips children and families with knowledge to make positive choices for their future health by building lasting kinesthetic memories today.
  • It's an exciting and empowering interactive program involving all five senses and developing positive emotional responses to new foods.

In the same way that we treasure childhood memories of special family gatherings around the dining table.  The GoFreshGoFit!(TM) program provides opportunities to experience hands-on, multi-sensory activities creating positive relationships with fresh foods.

For more information about the  GoFreshGoFit!(TM) program and pricing, please contact Fredna Chavanne contact us by calling 903-571-9089 or email

French chef guest du jour at Brook Hill

Students in Mrs Laura Wilson's French class at The Brook Hill School gathered to listen to the impressivley-credentialed, humble, and humorous Chef Christian Chavanne. This French chef, culinary consultant, instructor, and television host shared a part of his personal story, beginning with his culinary studies at 14 along the French Riviera as a native of Provence. He told students how the popular and glamorized television view of chefs is unrealistic. He said being a chef takes hard work, humility, the willingness to learn and share, responsibility, and stewardship with reverence and appreciation of God's bounty. 

Chef Chavanne helped the students understand the differences between American and French cultures in regard to food. He gave a brief explanation of the rich diversity of French cuisine stemming from the many influences of geography & history. He challenged the students to learn how to choose fresh food and cook for themselves for fun, health, independence, and later to create a heritage for their families. 

Mrs Wilson was impressed with his message to her students. "I think his philosophy of what it takes to be a chef could be applied to almost any work in life," she said. 

Chavanne has experienced quite a lot of public success & fame throughout his career, yet he is passionate about educating children in Head-start Programs and works with school cafeterias to help them make healthy choices possible. He seeks to educate and empower today's youth to choose healthier & more productive lifestyles. He is Project Director for Project H.E.A.T.(Healthy Eating Action Team), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization fighting childhood and adult obesity with the interactive nutrition education program, GoFreshGoFit!(TM) 

Chef Christian (left) and Gardner Jim (right)
A fun, action-packed way to learn about the origin and benefits of fresh foods. Experience fresh food in a fun and different way!
Peel & freeze bananas, blend with frozen berries and a little white grape juice and you'll think you're eating ice cream!
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